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Malaysia races hope for reforestation
By Choy Ser-lyn
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Division IV (Ages 19-22)

1. Describe how the environmental element(s) displayed in your work relate to theme: Plant a Seed. My painting for the Plant the seed competition is about the races from Malaysia which are Malay, Indians and Chinese people getting together to plant a seed in a community garden in an urban area wish means that there is hope for our deforestation. 2. Why is this environmental element/issue important to you? The environmental elements I displayed in my work relate to the theme Plant the Seed because the Malay, Indian and Chinese people are showing the seed they planted and they show that they have hope for deforestation in Malaysia, as it is an important issue in Malaysia. Another environmental element I have shown are the trees, bushes and the flowers, which show that deforestation is important also, and we shouldn't cut down the trees, bushes, and flowers. I have put trees on top of the building, to show that it brings positive hope for deforestation in Malaysia. This environmental issue of deforestation is important to me as in Malaysia, people are cutting down trees in the forests, and reforestation, where they try to restore the forests and regrow the forest is not common in Malaysia. It brings effects such as climate change, less crops and flooding which will affect Malaysia and will eventually impact the whole world. 3. What artistic elements/media id you use to communicate your message? I use folk art and acrylic paint to communicate my message, as folk art to show the culture of Malaysia, the races getting together to show hope for the deforestation in Malaysia and the simplicity of the culture and acrylic paint so effectively show all the other elements in my painting. 4. How do you see this Entry affecting those who view it? Those who view it will know that there is hope for deforestation in Malaysia, even so, those people from other countries who has the same issue and will be positive about it.