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The New Reality
By Alisa Sylvia Caitlin Limborgh
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

The art-piece shows that the world has arrived to a point where trees are obsolete, where oxygen and energy can only be obtained through the artificial eco-system. Natural habitats have been depleted of all trace as human societies advance technologlcally like never before, where hardly any organizations are preserving actual living plants. This might be our future If we don't think about the environment. this reality Is getting closer to us every second of every minute or every hour of every day. The world will be barren and natural energy will become extinct. Technological advancements can only aid us for so long until they break down and cease to function. While we still have tJme, let's do our best to preserve what we have before we have nothing left. The Environment is what provided for us, it's natural resources, plentiful lush greenery and clean oceans are something to marvel at and appreciate. The pollution and nonchalant nature of man that grew over time has caused the world to crumble and natural sources to deplete. Without these, many plant and animal species die of extinction and many elements needed to power the inventions of man grow lesser and lesser, hence why environmental elements are important. Artistic media used were cyber-futuristic trees, barren lands and bright colors to emphasise that all plants have gone extend and humans are living solely based off technological advancements. This is to show the emptiness in nature once the environment is completely destroyed. This Entry will hopefully affect those who view It in a positive way to start caring more about the potential barren future, to plant more seeds and dean more areas of waste to prevent the destruction of habitats