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Flower Apocalypse
By Lee Peng Chung
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

The Plant the Seed submission shows an illustration of a terrified horde of zombies fleeing away from a monstrous bush of flowers. Inspired by Plants vs. Zombies, the zombies represent pollution, and flowers represent the seeds that we plant can grow up into mature plants and combat pollution. Nowadays, people consume a lot of environmental-unfriendly resources without considering the consequences. Once the air is polluted, it is up to the environment to solve it. The pollution ironically impacts people indirectly too - air pollution affects the cleanliness of the air that humans breath in; water pollution poisons aquatic life that is consumed by humans, and so on. While we as individuals can barely do anything to stop such an issue from happening completely, we can at least repay nature for all that it has provided us and suffered for us. Hence, I think 'Plant the Seed' should be encouraged to create such awareness among the public. I drew my artwork with traditional pop art. Since there are actions involved in the drawing, pop art gives a feeling of action comic books such as Marvel and DC. The art style is also very eye-catching with its huge emphasis on line weight but flat colours. To create such an art style, I use acrylic paint for colours, micron pens for line art, and colour pencils for refining. Hopefully, viewers who see this drawing can enjoy the humour and weirdness put behind it, while also influencing people to consider planting either as a hobby or to save the environment.