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Mother Gaia is not invincible
By Choong Sik Joon
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

For this artwork that I had done, lots of planning was done. There was also quite a bit of change in this design compared to the original design. From the theme "Plant the Seed"', I decided to not do it in a literal sense, but instead from my point of view. To me, "Plant the Seed" is a meaning of a desperate cry for help. It is as if Mother Gaia is begging for help as she reaches her hand up. Now, there are plenty of reasons why the environment is important to me. Firstly, in such a short time, much has changed within a decade. When I was younger, going to the beach or going anywhere outside was enjoyable and refreshing. Now, whenever I go to beaches, it is littered with rubbish and the air is no longer refreshing but suffocating. A lot of my memories from my youth were associated with nature, seeing it in its current state pains me. For the artwork itself, I started off with multiple sketches as drafts. I settled, with this, Earth in the center, with no branches of leaves in flames and most importantly, Mother Gaia herself, who is also in flames. I emphasized heavily on the texture with the thick nature of acrylic paints. For the flames and earth, they are generously layered to give a rough texture due to their unpleasant state. For the plants, they are smooth to touch as it is something that we depend on for the survival of earth. What I wish to those who see my artwork is that Earth is not immortal and is very much dying. I do hope that the violent flames I've painted on gave a sense of how dire the situation is, especially Mother Gala's burning hand.