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Helping Hands of the World
By Jaden Micha Chopp
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

In my art project I think I represent planting the seed well. You see, in my piece I have a representation of the earth, the galaxy and the moon surrounding it as it would appear in the sky in space. And then you will see a representation of hands surrounding the earth with different words. These words represent how we humans as one could come together in helping the earth to make it a better place rather than not working together at all and making it a place where nobody wants to be. The hands are also diverse in different skin tones and shades representing diversity. The earth is our home and we should treat it like it is, instead of finding ways to make living on it unbearable. My representation of Planting the seed is shown with the hands surrounding the earth and relating to the matter you will see the earth is nice and bright with blues representing the water on earth and the greens representing the land. In the middle there is a nice gigantic heart to show that the hands holding the earth and the words that are representing what people could do to the earth to better it, will make a nice, happy, beautiful world. I hope when others look at my piece it will make them want to keep the movement going and let other people know how they could potentially help the earth too. Not only would they be helping the earth but they would also be helping each other by working and coming together as one to better themselves and the world around them. Planting the seed is not hard to do. All you have to do is look around you and make your own mark by planting your own seed remarkably.