Eco-Art Competition 2022

Calling all artists ages 5-22. Use your creativity to help sustain our world!

*Submissions received must be in English

*Due to U.S. regulations, cash prizes designated to go to artists outside of the United State are subject to review and may not be eligible for award.

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The Last Seed
By Musarrat Mahbub
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

1. The theme of this competition is "Plant the Seed", and my artwork depicts two scientists in the potential near future finally being able to grow a plant from a surviving seed after most of them had been wiped out from climate change and deforestation. It may be small, but it symbolises that there is hope that the world can still be saved if we try, even if the world is in chaos and it seems impossible. 2. Climate change and deforestation are both extremely important issues to me because it can result in the earth becoming impossible to live on while millions pf organisms die. 3. I used a free digital art platform called 'Krita Paint' so I can digitally draw this piece of artwork. 4. I want those who view this entry to realise that no matter how severe the circumstances get, they need to keep trying to heal the earth - just like the scientists in my picture did.