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Mother Nature's seeds
By Queenie Wang
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

My art work shows how Mother nature spreads the seeds around the world to make a better environment. And since the main theme is Plant the Seed, I used dried flowers that Ming Chu Oye taught me. The dried flowers in my artwork to show how natural and beautiful the flowers could be. Also, I drew mother nature sitting on the moon spreading seeds all around the world. This idea is important to me because, it shows how art is built into nature. I hope that my art work can be shared to others and be inspired. Also I want others to help the world, like mother nature. Once the mother nature spreads more seeds and they are full grown she would pick them and spread more. It's like a recycling progress. I used art is built into nature as how I communicate to my message. I used flowers and leaves on top of my background and I used watercolor for the background, which connects to my art to nature. I want this Entry affecting those who view it to see the nature world healing back.