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Protect the environment, sow hope
By Yichen LIU
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Division I (Ages 5-9)

Yichen LIU- Protect the environment, sow hope 保护环境 播种希望 Protect the environment, sow hope When the ocean is polluted by garbage, all life cannot survive, and only the skeleton of the fish is left. My parents taught me to sort garbage, so I designed a trash can of the future. In my heart, the small seeds of protecting the environment and protecting the earth are also sprouting at this moment. So I took my future trash can and went to the beach, put all the poisonous paint, plastic cans, old mobile phones, expired medicines, rotten food, etc. through my net into the magical trash can, It will be completely decomposed by itself, so that there is no need to do garbage classification, which greatly improves the efficiency, and also avoids a series of problems caused by improper operation when disposing of garbage. With my efforts, the ocean has recovered its former beauty, and everything is colorful. I hope that the seed of protecting the environment in my heart can tell everyone that as long as you treat the world with your heart, the world will bring you more beautiful things. , I hope that everyone can also let this seed germinate and grow in their hearts, and then we can protect the environment, protect the future, and create the future together.