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Keep Trying
By Kimberly Ng
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

My artwork was inspired by those who are still trying. Trying to keep nature healthy, trying to educate people about the environment and trying to make people realize that they have to stop being so selfish. I've drawn four black stick people that represent those who are still trying. I've also illustrated one blank stick person sleeping who isn't trying at all. That stick person represents human selfishness. The issue of human selfishness is important to me because if we would just stop being selfish then the vision of a healthy environment many of us have could be a reality. There's a tree on my artwork that is the only thing that's not coated in gray. This represents that if one person planted a single seed and it thrived, it would help so much. But by planting a seed you might not be planting an actual physical seed. You could be planting a seed of hope into someone or maybe a seed of realization. I see my artwork affecting those who see it positively by giving them the sense that they could do more. That all they have to do is keep trying.