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By Pang Liz Yin Yu
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

The way I perceived the theme was simply how people can impact the world by "planting their own seed" in terms of helping the environment. My work was inspired by a program called Ant Forest that was developed by Ant Group, it basically works Alipay, and from every function you are using and paying through Alipay you get certain amounts of energy and could be transferred into a virtual tree sprout where Ant Group would plant it in real-life in their forest. This concept related with how I saw the theme because it really breaks the stereotype of you having to be so engaged, so passionate so committed to make a change, but now through our daily lives, through necessary payments and actions we can plant our own trees, and the amount of people that can do this is amazing, so I thought that it would be great if I made a small comic that portrays how easily normal workers, or people can help the environment. I think in general, I care because I live on this planet, and it's what I value, I hope that we can all live on this healthy planet and so will our future generations. I did digital work on my IPAD, and used mainly black and white to portray the everyday life styles, but used colors for the trees to show their vigorous vitality. It's basically drawn in comic style, where it tells a small story of how Ant Forest works, how easy and everyday life it is for us. This might provide inspiration to those who want to help the environment but isn't able to commit as much, to tell people that you can still make a change.