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Seeds of the Future
By Janie Lee
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

As the youth are the seeds to the future, I thought that framing a child around the Earth would portray the importance of how we leave our planet for future generations. As some see the long-term effects of climate change as far away from our current lives, I think it's crucial that more people understand why we need to care about living more sustainably to protect our planet. As depicted in the image, the young girl is wrapped protectively around the Earth to show both that how we treat the Earth now is what will be handed down to our children, and that it will then be their responsibility to protect our planet. This is an ongoing cycle that requires the participation of all people. She is left to fend for herself, isolated, showing that there is only one Earth for us to take care of and that there is not one else but ourselves to take action. The only way we can prevent the destruction of natural habitats and endangerment of plants and animals is to become global citizens. As humans, and the youth of today, the spotlight is shining on us.