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Perseverance, Hope, a Chance to Bloom Another Day.
By Joseph Moon
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

Plant the seed. My artwork depicts a world where plastic is openly littering the ground as well as many other things humanity has thrown away at high risk. These plastics litter our ground, harming the Earth in many ways but one. The factories emit poisonous fossil fuel emissions and chemicals in the air such as carbon dioxide, methane, and ammonia. The crisis we all know as global warming and climate change overtakes our Earth, drying up many parts of the world, causing droughts that petrify the life within them. Trees are dying as well, or rather being eliminated by the human race, little by little. However the message I wanted to send with my piece was not about the dangers of ourselves, which I am sure of some that already know, but desperately ignore. I wanted to give a last warning, not only to whoever is reading this, but to the entire world. We are in danger and the only way to restore what we have done is to give back. It could be as little as a seed. Though that is the only thing we need to know that people are listening and acting in response. All we need is hope. I have always been fond of the environment and in a partially city environment, I am seeing first hand what has been going on all around the world. The club in my school recognizes the environmental problems and posts them on media platforms on twitter and instagram of our progress, but hope that with my artwork alone, people can see what I do, what I believe in.