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Withering Away
By Katherine Hernandez
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

My artwork consists of many environmental elements that deal with pollution. I have included a couple of the major items that cause water pollution, as well as some minor items that cause water pollution. The message “Plant the Seed'' is more figuratively in my art piece than literally. My art piece shows the disasters and tragedy brought upon by water pollution. I want the viewer to look at my art piece and be influenced to want to help depollute the oceans, rivers, and lakes. Water pollution is an important issue to me because it is very toxic to animals, the environment, and humans alike. Water is an essential for every living thing on Earth. Pollution causes water to become contaminated and dangerous, and it can lead to severe health issues. I used dark and bright colors to convey my message. I also made sure that the majority of the space was used to show the items that cause said pollution. At the center of my art piece is a girl floating in a polluted ocean. The girl represents Mother Nature. The more and more polluted our oceans and earth get, the weaker and smaller she gets. The last pieces of her representing life are the ones that have not yet been affected by the horrible disaster we call pollution. The flowers that are still alive on her chest and legs are trying their best to keep the earth alive, but alas it proves to be a difficult task as they are clearly outnumbered by the pollution. They need us to help them get rid of pollution. We as people cannot expect Mother Nature to do it by themselves. I see my entry inspiring others to want to take action and help get rid of pollution.