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The Great World
By Vismai Krishnan
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Division I (Ages 5-9)

My work " The Great World" shows how precious the world is. It shows why planting the seed is very important. Planting the seed is very important because tree gives us oxygen to breath, plants give us food to eat. When people see my work, they will stop polluting the ocean and environment, stop wasting water, stop cutting trees and inspire to start a Community garden and plant more trees. I have shown an ocean and garden environment where a boy planting a tree and taking care of the garden and cleaning the ocean. I have also shown bees and butterflies enjoying the flowers and pollinating them. There is a tree in the garden where a squirrel and a bird taking shelter. The artwork displays importance of planting a seed, not polluting the environment. It is very important because wasting water is not good, since there are many people without drinking and dying in other parts of the world. Without trees we will not have oxygen to breath and there will be no pollinators and no food to eat. I have used pencil to sketch, markers to color and pen to finish my drawing. Those who view it will understand how great the world is and start protecting it by planting and not wasting any natural resources. Save earth, save life! Happy Gardening!