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What Can A Seed Do?
By Srishti Jha
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

The environmental elements in my art piece include the hands reaching out to plant a seed and the depiction of a modern-day city. I wanted to illustrate the issue of pollution in large cities and what trees and more sustainable living can do to combat that. This issue is personally important to me because I love astronomy and pollution causes the sky to be wiped out. The hands displayed in this image reaching out are also my hands; To make a change is something I must first start in myself. To communicate my message I placed a sun in the dark, implying that even in the daytime the sky is dark with smog. This is, of course, in no way scientifically correct or something that would happen, but something I felt would symbolize a lot. I also incorporated columns of smoke rising from the buildings. The newspaper articles were very purposeful as well. Most of them covered various issues including abortion rights and rallying where words akin to “unifying” and “unite” would pop up. I wanted to include these words because I wanted to spark a reaction in people. I see my entry prompting people to think of the long-term effects of the decisions they take, and how something as simple as a seed can make a difference.