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Woven Bonds
By Varsha Durai
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

"Planting the seed" is essential in maintaining our land's biodiversity. My artwork portrays the connection and bond between wildlife and humans and what is on the line if we take our environment for granted. If we don't conserve our nature, the beautiful bond between nature and humans will be lost. if we don't preserve nature, we will fail to survive as we are nature itself, and destroying nature means destroying oneself. This proves that there is a connection between us. And it would be a great injustice to ignore and destroy it. Originating from Tamilnadu, a land of nature and culture, I was deeply inspired by the ways of our people and how we have preserved and worshiped nature till today. "Thai Pongal" is our main festival where we celebrate and worship cows for giving us milk and the sun for giving the earth strength. In my artwork, the woman wears a traditional saree and places her head on the elephant's trunk, symbolizing their bond. I chose an elephant to represent wildlife since in India, elephants are seen as majestic beings and a sign of prosperity, this animal is dominant in my culture and therefore decided to use it in my artwork. The background of the artwork is blurred with a few trees. This brings out the message of the current situation of forests- slowly diminishing. Through this painting, I hope to show the viewers what is on the line. If we do not preserve this beautiful connection between nature and man, we lose something precious and beautiful. We lose our home.