No Time to Waste.
Eco-Art Competition 2021.

Calling all artists ages 5-22. Use your creativity to help sustain our world!
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Climate Change
By Arjun Kalaiselvan
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

My art will help people realise the adverse effects of climate change on the people and our beautiful planet. It will make them understand we don't have much time to waste and we should all give up fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy resources to stop carbon emission that warms up the planet. Fossil fuel is the number one polluter of our planet. When l grow up l want to live in a happy healthy planet just like my parents and grandparents did. I want the grown ups to understand and change the way they live so children like me will get to enjoy this beautiful blue planet. There is no planet like ours and it is important to save our home, planet Earth and thus save ourselves.