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Burning Crisis
By Melanie
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

My painting "Burning Crisis" displays the tragic crisis of "climate change". It relates to the theme: Our Earth, Our Home because my work establishes a connection between the animals of planet Earth being impacted by the actions of humans. The environmental issue I chose was climate change because climate change is a major problem that many people still continue to ignore. Because of our careless mistakes, our blindness to the problems around us, we not only impact ourselves but the ecosystem and environment around us. This issue is important to me because I believe that we should protect and love our home, we should preserve the beautiful planet around us for future generations to continue to thrive. Artistic elements I have included in my painting include the sudden contrast in color of the Earth and water to the fiery flames on the Earth which reflect and highlight the sudden dangers and changes caused by people. Most of the painting is painted with a blue to show the oppressed feeling of the polar bear. The texturing and layering of colors on the bear give the bear a more realistic look, making it stand out in the drawing. The blurry reflection of the bear looking into the water is a symbol of a blurry future because the polar bear is near its death. My painting is able to convey the message that global warming or climate change still remains a severe problem. It not only affects us but also the animals around us. I hope that people see my artwork and are able to understand the severity of climate change. In addition, also inspiring them to make positive impacts and the right decisions in order to keep our home clean.