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Green to Gray
By Nirja Mehta
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

This artwork relates to the theme "Our Earth, Our Home" because it shows how this planet is our truest home since the earliest stages in the evolution of human kind are said to be born here. But no matter how much that is justified, humans today do not treat Earth as our home. We have destroyed Earth and have almost stripped it of its natural beauty. People these days only think of the planet as something they live on, but I want people to think of Mother Earth as someone who gave life to them and constantly nurtures them despite what they do to her, and in return hopefully take the right measures to stop further destruction of the planet. In the my artwork, I have included value and color to show the darkness of the world today, not only literally, but also figuratively. These days, all people care about are their own benefits, and will do whatever they can do to get it, such as money. It almost seems normal these days to see large trash dumps in the middle of the road, filth filling the ocean, and fires killing wildlife. My art is an eye opener to see where we were millions of years ago with the Earth, and where we are now with the Earth and that all the advancements made to help society has cost the slow but sure destruction of Mother Earth.