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Geometric Fantasy
By Kimi Brown
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

My piece depicts a nature scene where two trees are free to grow undisturbed by outside forces, mainly pollution. This illustration relates to theme Our Earth, Our Home because it shows the beauty of nature and its vitality. Earth is a home to all living things as it is the only known planet where living things can thrive. Pollution is an important issue to me because there does not seem to be a reduction on how much humans are harming nature. Eventually, there will come a time where the damage done to the Earth will be irreversible. The title of my piece is Geometric Fantasy because the Earth possessing any sort of beauty will be but a fantasy if humans do not change their ways. Shape, color, and value are the most pronounced artistic elements used in the piece. The entire piece is composed of geometric shapes to show how nature must be resilient in order to combat the interference of humans and continue to flourish. Additionally, color is used so that the viewer can delineate each aspect of the piece. Lastly, each section contains different hues of the same to show the complexity of the earth. Those who view this piece will feel a longing to get the earth looking as beautiful as it once did before we as a society valued expansion and business over nature.