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Unzip the beauty of earth
By Jessica Wei
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

Recently, the climate has been in a crisis- the worse we've ever seen. The Amazon rainforest was on fire and the continent of Australia was recently burning. It is becoming more and more clear that climate change is the most immediate threat to our very existence on earth. It is more important now than it ever was to become educated on what is happening to our one and only planet and to take action to better the environment before it's hopeless and too late. In my drawing, I incorporated a zipper because I know that the Earth was beautiful before we began emitting so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We must take an effort to recycle, use renewable energy sources, green commute, and spread the word. If we could litter and clutter our beaches, we could also clean and preserve it! Those actions are reversible, just like opening and closing a zipper is. In my drawing, there’s a girl dressed in green, for land, and blue, for the ocean. She is reaching to unzip the zipper and reveal Earth’s beauty. She represents society, especially the youth, such as outspoken Greta Thunberg, a passionate environmentalist. Change can only be made if we collectively work together. I wanted my drawing to scream, there’s still hope to revive our sacred planet! I want my drawing to inspire change rather than be depressing. Though my drawing emphasizes some of the most catastrophic climate change we have seen in the history of our planet, the main focus of my drawing is to reiterate the potential and the beauty of the earth! I’m clinging onto my faith that we can, and will, take actions to better our only planet. I’ll be taking these vital steps because these measures directly impact our one true home: Earth.