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the polluted earth
By Merrin Andrews
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

I painted an earth with different things that are causing global warming. Some of the things that are causing global warming are: factories, trash, and cars. These things are causing air pollution and making chemicals go into the air that are harmful to the environment. Something that is happening from this is forest fires, the fires are happening in California, Australia, and the rainforest. I also painted these. This is a big problem because they are destroying animals’ and people’s homes. Also the chemicals from the fire smoke go into the air and pollute even more than our waste. Fires are burning right now every second. This also is making glaciers fall down and ruining arctic and ocean animals’ homes where they live like polar bears and seals. This is important because the animals need the earth to live and so do people. We need to have a home to live healthy in the future for animals and people. That's why we need to think about all the waste we are making. I used watercolor paint and glued pieces of trash that I collected from the ground outside to make my art. I think my entry will help people remember to pick up their trash and ride bikes more than cars and not smoke.