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Ecosystem Project
By Vicky Wang
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

I included three environmental elements in my artwork to showcase the various ecosystems on Earth. This environmental issue is important to me because Earth had been very generous to us by sharing the different wonders on this planet. I truly think that we as humans are not taking care of our home enough to keep all the beautiful elements Earth had given us. One of the biggest issues we are experiencing currently is global warming and climate change. The weather getting warmer had effected many ecosystems such as the Tundra. The warm weather had melted the ice many animals depended on for survival. Air pollution had been getting worse as well as trash in the ocean. Coral reefs from all around the world are dying. They're starting to lose their vibrant colors because of the dirty water we created from trash. Coral reefs are a big impact in our lives, they produce clean air for us to breath. With them slowly to die out, our environment will began to destruct as well. I hope that my entry will remind my audiences that it is our responsibility to protect our home from getting hurt and damaged. We together can help fix this issue by spreading the word out by art to gain attention toward this problem.