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Our Home
By Michelle Ye
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

Earth is a vast planet of many animals and plants. As the human population expands, we use up the resources provided by Earth faster than it can be replenished. When we burn down trees, drill in the ground, and mine, the natural habitat for wildlife gets harmed. Earth is our home, but it is also home to many other species. My art piece depicts many different endagered organisms such as the pangolin, rhino, coral reef, and elephant that had their sources of food and shelter decline. The single tree represents the dwindling of their habitat as they all try to run towards it for a chance of a home. I wanted to raise awareness with this piece, as the Earth we live on inhabits more than just humans and many of us in cities and suburbs do the not see the environmental harm from our activities. We need to make sure we have a sustainable lifestyle in order to protect the home that everyone needs, planet earth.