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By Johnny Perry
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

The way my project represents the theme is that it shows people that we need to recycle more and take of our home that's planet Earth and that if we come together and work on making Earth beautiful and clean and stop doing things to it to harm it we will be in a much better place. The environment element is an issue is cause the earth is reacting to the things we do to it in a alarming way and with the really bad global warming that is happening it'll only get worse as the days and months go by I believe in taking care of the place we call home and taking care of Earth is the best thing we can do at this time since we need to before the Earth begins to fall apart. I use Earth but made it in different ways going sound the recycling sign like it is the Sun and the earth is revolving around it cause Recycling is the best way to keep Earth clean and keeps it alive and well and moving and it keeps us from having to deal with the Earth getting warmer and the extreme weather that comes with the earth warmer up at an extreme rate to the point where it is hard to live on Earth. I hope that my entry will tell people that taking care of the house you live in is just the same as taking care of the planet cause at the end of the day we only have one planet that fulfills are needs and that keeps us living and breathing and that if we recycling more and be more clean with the Earth it will be a much better and happy place and the human race won't go extinct.