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Save our World
By Kimberly Nava
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

I drew this because every detail reminds me that we have to love our world and care about it.. The heart reminds me that the world is something special. The world and the plant combined means that if we do not throw trash in the ocean or outside the plants will not start turning brown. My rainbow background represents something important to do. The red represents to remember to bring a reusable bag to a grocery store or any store. orange means to have a reusable water bottle. Yellow means to use a reusable cup so you won't waste so many disposable items than reusable items. Blue mans to make sure to your best to ensure that the waste you dispose will end up where it should be. Purple means to campus at home to reduce volume of garbage sent to landfills and reduces the chance of some products becoming marine debris.