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Life In 2020
By Sravya Nori
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

Our home.In the city's it seems like a wonderland-a perfect place.When you venture out of the the city, everything changes.My artwork relates to the topic because it is one example of how our home is dying.This tragedy happens on our planet to so many dolphins and other animals. This environmental issue is important to me because soon there might not be any animals left if we keep letting them suffer the effects of a tragedy we humans have caused.The artistic elements used in my drawing are the contrast with the background,it has some hue,it uses different kind of coloring materials,and I drew a picture of a bottlenose dolphin with a bottle on its nose.I think people who look at my work will think "I never knew this was happening" because not many people know about the crisis our world is facing.