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First Aid for a Choking Earth
By ChristianPryor
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

In this artwork, the Earth is being “choked” by pollution factors like car emissions, toxic chemicals, non-biodegradable plastic in the ocean, and littering. Our Earth is our home, so us polluting is not only damaging the Earth but hurting humankind, and it is necessary to understand that saving the Earth is paramount to continuing to live and thrive as a species. The issue of pollution in the atmosphere and the oceans is critical to making the Earth a better place to live in, because as long as we clean up or act now, previous smog and chemicals are still in the atmosphere, and that needs to be fixed so that humans have clean air to breathe. As well, micro and macro plastics in the oceans are harming and killing fish, and plastics swallowed by fish that humans hunt will slowly, eventually, make their way into our bodies in the fish we eat. By using different papers and colors, I convey the idea that the Earth is a living breathing place, and the face accentuates that. Even though its cartoonish, the message is still present: Earth is choking on our own pollution and bad decisions made by people in power. I hope that the viewers of this project take away that the Earth is our only home, and that by us slowly killing it through rampant pollution, such as dumping plastics, car emissions, littering, and noxious chemicals, we are only damaging the wildlife around us and the future of humanity.