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Eco-Art Competition 2021.

Calling all artists ages 5-22. Use your creativity to help sustain our world!

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Ambivalence of the environment
By Ola Assasa
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2021 - Division III (Ages 14-18)

When we neglected our duty towards our planet and did not give it adequate care, we paid the price of this dearly, in many forms that appeared through forest fires in the past years, and with every tree that perished with it, many living things perished, and if we could not stop this, the earth would soon perish, then we must correct The matter is quick, not only our negligence on the ground only, but even our neglect of our species from the displaced in many parts of the earth who faced what is more severe than being affected by forest fires, which is death from cold and frost, a strange contradiction. We asked ourselves one day from the first or the most important? So I chose this painting to tell that the suffering of the displaced due to the harsh environmental conditions is no less important than the burning of our planet for the same reason, as the two lead the earth towards the inevitable annihilation, unless we combine both opposites to bring our planet out of the destruction that is gradually being led to it, and it showed how it is possible for refugees to create their dignity and regain their rights By saving them to the earth by placing their suffering from the torrential rain over our burning planet, so that our environment becomes free from any problems, so I used fire to denote burning and rain to signify the good that will save the earth. I intended the displaced in this picture to remind the whole world of their pain and my goal is to convey the suffering of my people to all The parts of the earth openly wake up before the stone, the people and the trees perish.