No Time to Waste.
Eco-Art Competition 2021.

Calling all artists ages 5-22. Use your creativity to help sustain our world!

*Submissions received must be in English

* Due to U.S. regulations, cash prizes awarded outside of the United States are subject to review and may not be eligible for cash award.

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By Darya Tokareva
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2021 - Division IV (Ages 19-22)

IMAGE-3 The global economic crisis is made up of many irrational actions. Buying live spruce for the new year (and illiterate disposal) is one of them. HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE Clock is a series of clocks made from recycled pine needles left over from trees in every home. HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE can be perceived in different ways: "no time to chill", "no time to waste", "no time to waste". But literally it means only one thing - ‘‘no time for garbage! ’! In other words, the clock from the New Year's tree encourages thinking and serves as a reminder: you do not have time for garbage, you cannot afford to waste natural finite resources so carelessly. In a literal sense, a watch that is eternal thanks to the materials used will help you remember the important thing - that there is no time left for garbage. In parallel with this, the clock will remind of the beautiful, fabulous moments of that New Year, when the fir tree (the one from which the clock is made) was decorated on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Thus, the item becomes a rarity, acquires additional emotional value, which enhances the influence of the phrase about garbage, and also allows you to save hours in the family for many generations. The size of the watch is universal: it will fit in any part of the house, as well as in office premises. The design allows you to independently and effortlessly separate the movement from the product, thereby replacing the broken component - the dial becomes eternal. This project brings awareness to any New Year, any Christmas: the consumer can perceive more consciously both the distribution of his personal time and his actions that affect the planet. It is important for me