EarthX is proud to announce the Finalists of 2022 EarthX Inspire Through Eco-Art Competition-Plant the Seed.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the talented Eco-Artists who participated. The judging was very difficult since ALL of the entries were such fine works of art from so many talented artists. Thank you for devoting your creative energies to such a good cause.


Division 1 (Ages 5-9)
First Place

Seed planting time Arrada Sawasdee Thailand

Second Place

Save ecosystem, enjoy the life in the world  D. Aron Raj  India

Honorable Mention

A beautiful world  Kathy Chou  Taiwan


Earth Returned, by Vinudi Sehanya Mudiyanselage, UAE


Water City, by Jacob Zhang, China

New plant – Peopleflower, by Yaran Zhan, Australia

A Beautiful World, by Chou. Chun-Ling, Taiwan

Protect the Trees, Bulgaria

From Fire to Seed, by Alma Vennera, USA, PA

Before and after, by Huang Hao Shiuan, Taiwan

colorful world rising over a seed, by Yaman Kucuk, Turkey

Protecting the Coral Reef, by Harper Rosenberger, North Carolina

Save Ecosystem, enjoy the life in the World, by D. Aron Raj, India

Making a New, Green World, by Hanli Yang, Canada

seed planting time, by Arrada Sawasdee, Thailand

Plant the seed for wildlife, by Lea Shin, California

Division 2 (Ages 10-13)
First Place

Plant the Seed  Shuwen Hu China

Second Place

The unhealthy Tree that holds the world  Yiyun Yan  China

Honorable Mention

Plant a tree seed in your mind!  Viara Plamenova Pencheva  Bulgaria


Plant A Tree Seed In Your Mind! , By Viara Plamenova Pencheva, Bulgaria, Balkans

The Unhealthy Tree that Holds the World, By Yiyun YanAnna

Ploughing and Weeding, by Lin Xinhao

The Power of One Seed, by Ethan Zhang

Two Sides of a Tree, by Faith Koo

The Seed of Hope, by Emily May Willis

Center, by Zsigmond Torok

Plant the Seed, by Shuwen Hu

Love plant make it grow, By Chacriya

The power of a seed, by Yanjun Mao

The Seeds of the Future, by Ian Kim

Plant Hope, Harvest Happiness, Gift Earth, by Marilyn Huang

Plant the Seeds for Tomorrow, By Aryan

The seed is the beginning of life, by Chow Hang Yin

Division 3 (Ages 14-18)
First Place

Wishing for a Greener Future Emily Xing USA

Second Place

Armstrong Mae McCarthy USA

Honorable Mention

Scraps of Life Chloe Jung USA


The Tree of Life, by Lena Gilgoric

Planting the Seed to Better the Future, by Sophia Hyesup Lee

Regeneration, by Katherine Ann Cochran, US

Us, Ourselves, & the Earth, by Eunseo Kim 

The Burning Sunflower Field, by Tina Xing

Plant the seed, plant the hope. by ZiyuAmy Wang

Healing wounds, by Kara Moreland, US

keep nature full of plants, by Rashi Sanyog Butolia

Our Responsibility, by Ryan Indelicato

Armstrong, by Mae McCarthy

World in Bloom, by Kalani Staudacher

Green Solutions, by Wenrui Zhang

Wishing for a Greener Future, by EX

A Gift from Nature, by Taeri Kim

Scraps of Life, by Chloe Jung

Division 4 (Ages 19-22)
First Place

Soulful Nurturer Ellie Wasilewski  USA 

Second Place

Flowering Stars Tianyi Gao Canada

Honorable Mention

It’s our fault Berina Ibric Bosnia and Herzegovina


Wildfire? No, Sunset., by Sharon Dong

Soulful Nurturer, by Ellie Wasilewski

Start Today, Save Tomorrow, by Mya Leatherbury

Dense Beasts, By Stuti Shrivastava

Noah’s Ark, by Yiqing Xie

Light in the darkness, by Abhikarsha Sil

Litttle giants, by Asangwing Victory Apala

Our home, Our future, by Tharaphi Win

It’s our fault, by Berina Ibric

Nature at home, by Leventsev Andrei Viktorovich

Seed of hope, by Nicola

Flowering Stars, by Tianyi Gao

flowering rose, by Zekrini Rihab El-Islam