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Rave Garden Room
By Marcus James Soh Jin Quan
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Division IV (Ages 19-22)

In my Plant the Seed artwork. I have illustrated a DJ club with an inbuilt garden In this garden, we want to start trying to integrate nature into our daily lives more prominently. In this case, we have built mechanical flowers for the garden. We are trying to find out how well plants survive indoor and build mechanical flowers which can function as normal plants. We want to start encouraging people to start integrating nature into their everyday environments such as their houses and workplaces. This is so that they have an eco-friendlier environment. I used color pencils, watercolor markers, and micron pens to illustrate this. I used red for the flowers and stems to demonstrate that they are mechanical and not your everyday flower. I also used a dark blue color to demonstrate the club environment. I tried to blend in color pencils, but for some reason, the tone is always too light, no matter how hard I tried. I hope this entry encourages viewers to start adding plants to their daily lives for a generally healthier environment and lifestyle.