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Nature in Harmony
By Fung Nga Sum Cosette
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Division I (Ages 5-9)

I want to use my work to show how important it is to "Plant the Seed". Deforestation and urbanization are destroying the nature and thus the home to thousands of wild animals. Those plants and animals are very precious and play an important role in the ecosystem. They deserve our respect and we should preserve them and hence ours. My picture shows the interconnection between plants and animals, as "Plant the seed" which help create a new home for the animals is one crucial way to correct the wrongs we have done. I used water color to show how fragile and delicate the plants and animals are, with different colors to show the harmony among them. I used water marker to show the happiness and the positive energy when they live in harmony. I hope to remind the people who view this picture how beautiful it is when the wild animals are living happily in the mother nature and be compassionate towards them.