Eco-Art Competition 2022

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The Explosion
By Maryam Zagmout
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

Plant the seed theme inspired me to create a picture of a rose, and show how people take care of the rose, water it, and help the environment. This topic is very important to me, because when I think of planting the seed, I think of climate change. Climate change to me is a very important topic, that everyone should support and work towards creating a happy and safe environment. My picture also shows an exploding dynamite, intended to show how humans with their actions are contributing to damaging our planet, and destroying the eco system. By looking at my art piece, I hope that people will realize how nice the garden with trees and a rose is, and be inspired to save the planet. The artistic element that communicates my message to the viewers is the dynamite, that is close to exploding. My message is for people to come together and help save the environment by taking action, picking up trash from the streets, buying sustainable products, and donating to environmental charities