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The Seed of Life
By Mariam Helal
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

In my artwork, "The Seed of Life", I demonstrate how simply planting the metaphorical and figurative seed can change the world. Something as trivial as making a difference in your routine, inspiring others, or altering your diet can have a domino effect, creating a new world, for the better or worse. I share this message with others because the climate is important to me. How can it not be, after all, as I am a youth living in a world that is rapidly spiraling towards a desolate environment. I want to help create the change, or 'Plant the Seed' needed to reverse these effects and make the world suitable for the future, by letting nature take its course. To illustrate the effects doing your part can have, I used contrast, especially in colors. The left of the drawing, depicting a barren, pollution-filled wasteland, is shaded with dull, gray colors. The right of the drawing, depicting a luscious, fruitful land, is shaded in bright and diverse colors. I sincerely hope that those viewing my drawing will be inspired to plant their own seed, in their own way. Sometimes, all we need is a little push in the right direction. We need to open our eyes and think clearly. We all have the potential to be leaders, but the question is, who will step up. I created my drawing with the aim of showing others that they can be the leaders. They do not have to wait. All we have control over is our own actions, and we should use every opportunity we get to create the change we want to see instead of waiting for others to take charge.