Eco-Art Competition 2022

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Division II (Ages 10-13)

Giant soda cans, huge water bottles, and monster balls of trash are about to step on the world to crush all its inhabitants! Littering is a global environmental element that affects everyone. As these trash monsters approach the earth, we need to come together to do everything we can to prevent the world from being crushed. We need to pick up trash, recycle, reuse, reduce, and ultimately, we need to plant seeds and grow new plants to help save our earth and win the battle again littering. This environmental issue of littering is important to me because it is a huge force that affects everyone. In my artwork, I portray littering as a big monster that is ready to stomp on and crush the world. My illustration may appear cartoony but it’s not that far from the truth. The world is getting destroyed and stomped on little by little everyday and we have the responsibility to do our part to save our home. I used watercolor and acrylic paint to communicate my message. I made it look like a cartoon and I believe a cartoon is a powerful medium to convey an important message. The drawing is fun to look at but it’s not so fun to get our world destroyed. I hope that people see the image of a monster stomping on the earth little by little every time we throw a soda can on the ground, we don’t recycle paper, and we don’t reuse our water bottles. And I hope that people realize that we are saving our world little by little every time we pick up trash, recycle, reduce, reuse, and plant a seed.