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keep nature full of plants
By rashi sanyog butolia
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

Where would we be without trees? They are a part of our natural global environment, are used to build the very buildings that we live in, and we even write with, eat food from, sit on, and read from products that are made from them. Because trees are so important, there are many reasons why we should plant more of them. Trees hold soil in place,Trees sequester carbon dioxide,Trees produce oxygen,Some animals are dependent upon trees,Trees make cities more livable , Trees increase property values Trees help to save energy,Trees are important for physical and mental wellness,Trees feed us,Trees create a sense of place,Trees are an investment for our communities and for future generations,Trees help to maintain local water cycles,Trees clean the soil,Trees help control noise,Trees help to attract customers to businesses,We humans have created indoor environments that more often than not are as barren as the desert (on the other hand, deserts do actually have plants). For the sake of our health and well-being, we need to bring plants back into our daily life. As more people move from nature into cities, nature needs to move in with us.