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Four Pieces Of Earth
By Rubi Chavez
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

An environmental element which has always been a problem throughout decades has been pollution and deforestation, which is only increasing as time progresses. The four quadrants present different species of animals in their natural habitat with the earth as the four sections are connected to form the earth. The animals in the art piece are presented to be a part of the earth, which makes up our home. The artwork is meant to remind the audience what is being harmed from pollution and in other cases, deforestation. Pollution and deforestation is an issue which concerns me due to us humans, negatively impacting our community instead of caring for the issue. In the long run if the issue of pollution and deforestation is not improved, species of animals can become endangered and later, extinct, causing a ripple effect. Not only is causing the death of a species disheartening, the spread of diseases increase and biodiversity is directly affected as well. The art piece was created with watercolor and by slightly using pen to outline the figures. Using watercolor would bring texture to the animals and would also make the image pop with the pigmented colors, but watercolor could also bring a slight softness to the animals’ appearance. The softness projects the animals’ innocence and appeals to the audiences emotions, reminding them of one of the many reasons for preventing pollution and deforestation. I hope that my entry will raise attention towards the factor of pollution and deforestation taking the lives of animals.