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death of mother nature
By Sophia
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

we only have one planet and one home and it shows that on one side our home with renewable energy is happy and on the other with non-renewable energy/resources and how it might look like after it turns really bad. This issue is important to me because we need the earth to live and i don't want to die and so does no one else and we are losing a lot of animals and that's one of the beauties of nature that we all want to experience in our life but if there gone we cant see how they live and etc. and that's why it is so important to me. I used watercolor pencil and marker and some pencil and water and i drew fire to show the forest fires and dirty water for oil spills and gray for the CO2 coming from the factories that let out co2 and i put a hand for mother earth and i had green for grass and the trees and bushes and peach for the hand and blue for the clouds and sky and water and more gray for the renewable energy and brown for the trees and the dirty ground.I think people will start to see what they are doing and help fix it for the animals,us and mother nature.