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new neighbors
By Frank Edward Cheever
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

Hello, my name is Frank Cheever. I am thirteen years old. My art depicts a tree and two seedlings, one has just been planted and the other one is just starting to sprout. The main tree is full grown and represents the past. The stumps that were once tall and beautiful trees represent how the world has changed. The fires also show the changes as well as the carelessness that results in forest fires and is another reason they are replanting trees. The sign in the ground indicates that the city in the background tried to make up for the trees they cut down to build the grand city they call home. The sign reads ¨Plant a Tree Day!¨ The sign also shows that while people have good intentions, it takes a lot of effort to maintain that idea. The newly sprouting seeds represent that there is still hope for saving the world from deforestation and climate change. I used acrylic paint to show the community that the world / ozone layer is dying and we need to do our part. When people see my art I want people to feel like taking action to help stop global warming and plant the seed. I would also like people to feel hopeful and for them to know we can turn this around. I hope you enjoy my art.