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Screens are NOT life
By Nina Bodros
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

1 - The environmental elements are hobbies that are environmentally friendly like: playing with your dog, playing with your sister, climbing trees, crafting and reading. I wanted to “plant the seed” of the idea that we should watch less screens and do more discovery of the world outside. 2 - My friends become boring if they are just looking at their screens all the time. They think I’m boring because I don’t have screens like them and the games they play. However, I think that they have less imagination, which is super important for creativity and to make decisions, for example: which house you want to buy when you grow up. 3 – I used a pencil to draw my sketch. Then I used my black pen and I rubbed the pencil out. Then I used my colouring pens all on A4 white paper. I used a comic format because it tells a story directly from peoples’ mouths. 4 - I hope it plants the seed in their minds to do more environmentally friendly activities.