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By Angela Huang
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

The sprout of a vegetable plant, the bloom of a flower, down to the very rustle of the trees, all of it is life. We take a breath, the world sighs in return. Anything that turns to face the sun at the break of dawn is alive. To plant a seed is to give life to a prosperous existence that gives and gives with no end. I want people to look at the sprout of a plant as a birth, the start of something new. Each character within my drawing hair stems from the plant on top of their head, whether it be a weed, cactus, or vegetable. Plants each have their own use whether to support the ecosystem, stabilize the ground, fill painfully empty stomachs, or to simply fill the world with clean air. Currently though, many areas in poverty lack that. Though programs set more green areas in towns and plant trees in others, this excludes the places that need the clean air the most. Though I may not be part of the middle class and live in a wealthy state the issue still remains, the problem will still eventually affect me and perhaps the whole world as well. I want to tell those to plant a seed for those who need it. By doing so, it improves lives. In some sense, that is birth, a new start for those who deserve it.