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In Your Hands
By Mabel Neyyan
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Division III (Ages 14-18)

Humanity has a reckless habit of refusing to consider just how long-lasting and severe the effects of our actions can be. From nuclear weapon radiation to the greenhouse gasses released from fuel production, the by-products of present-day capitalism and greed have put the world where our future children will live in great danger of becoming a cold, desolate landscape. As large expanses of lush trees are burned to the ground to make way for urbanization, the carbon within the wood releases into the atmosphere. With the lack of trees, less carbon dioxide in the air can be naturally absorbed, and the carbon dioxide accumulates, further transforming our atmosphere into an eternally heating oven. As our world continues to suffocate, icebergs melt, polar animals lose their homes, and sea levels rise. As those in power continue to turn a blind eye towards the imminent danger ahead, we must take action into our own hands, and consider the future of our children. In my piece, a parent decides to plant a tree in an effort to improve the quality of life for their child. Together, they plant a tree sapling into the ground, which if done by enough people, can help prevent the melting of icebergs, prevent the flow of pollution into our vibrant coral reefs by holding soil in place, and rescue, at least by a small percentage, the lives of several thousand species that live on our Earth.