Eco-Art Competition 2022

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Division I (Ages 5-9)

My work illustrates me planting a seed and tending our garden with my grandma, who is very important to me. She takes care of me while my mom and dad work. She has taken care of me since I was a little baby. My grandma and I love planting in the spring and summer. We grow flowers, fruit, and vegetables. She and I spend as much time together as we can gardening. We pick out seeds we want to plant and we water everyday. I drew the sunset because my grandma and I often go outside and water when it is cooler, in the evenings. We love seeing our plants grow little by little, transforming from a single seed to a beautiful flower. My grandma tells me that she loves seeing me grow too, just like the plants that grow from the seeds we planted. I hope that people will like my drawing and that my drawing will inspire people to start gardening with someone they love.