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Mr. Beast plants 20 millions trees
By Cecily Xizhuo Zhao
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Division II (Ages 10-13)

MR.BEAST PLANTS 20 MILLIONS TREES I believe that my drawing represents the environmental element of earth because it shows an image of beautiful nature and the element earth gives a good representation of everything in nature. I think that it is important to me because there is a lot of carbon dioxide and air pollution going around here on planet earth but trees have an unique system where they can filter the carbon dioxide into oxygen which makes our planet superior! And usually when someone hears “plant a seed” people usually think of trees so i decided to go with the most popular symbol of nature. I communicated my message by drawing a “character” (Mr.beast) in front of all 20 million trees he planted with the help of 600 other youtubers. I decided to use him because he is very popular for all the acts of kindness he does so I thought he would be easily recognized. I thought that trees really stand out as a symbol of nature because you can find them almost wherever you are. Trees help the environment in a variety of ways like getting rid of pollution and reducing the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere helping us fight climate change and trees also benefit our mental and social well being when we are in close contact with a tree. Those are some reasons that trees can improve our environment ! I hope that this drawing can give off the effect of motivation and inspiration to whoever sees it as an motivation to do something that can help the environment and make a difference in this world and I also hope that this gives off hope to humanity by letting individuals see how much mankind can accomplish in the act of kindness.