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By Pari V. Panchal
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2020 - Division II (Grades 4-8)

For this years theme, “Our Home, Our Earth”, I decided to create an artwork that relates to a problem we have been facing recently. Water shortage. People have been using water in unnecessary ways, like leaving the tap on when you aren’t even using the water, taking long showers, and even (wait for it) flushing! Yes, it is the truth. You waste approximately 5 gallons of water every time you flush. In my artwork, it demonstrates that some people need that water that everyone is wasting. This problem, in specific, is important to me because most of my family hails from a developing country where water is extremely scarce. I primarily used watercolor pencils in this artwork. Since I never tried using watercolor pencils, I decided to give it a try and I was pretty impressed with the results it gave me. I used color, line, shape (both geometric and organic) and some value as well as emphasis (the earth) and proportion. I hope that when people see my artwork, it changes their way of thinking. Not entirely, of course but at least to the point where they understand that wasting water is not beneficial to the future. My main audience is my own generation. I want everyone- from teens to little kids to know that wasting water is “not cool”. The message that I’m trying to state across, is (you know it) not wasting water!