No Time to Waste.
Eco-Art Competition 2021.

Calling all artists ages 5-22. Use your creativity to help sustain our world!

*Submissions received must be in English

* Due to U.S. regulations, cash prizes awarded outside of the United States are subject to review and may not be eligible for cash award.

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By Michelle Fong
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2021 - Division III (Ages 14-18)

"inFINITE" encompasses the theme "no time to waste" by highlighting the increase of pollution produced due to the pandemic. It reflects on the seemingly infinite waste that we produce on this planet and how the very mass of products that have become essential in the fight against covid-19 are the same items that have been contributing to a destructive excess of pollution. The title "inFINITE" is used to remind viewers of the world's finite supply of resources while also invoking the realization that our actions have lasting consequences. Personally, I have always been concerned about the state of our environment and have developed a particular interest in ocean pollution. Water is essential to life and it is unacceptable to let this vital resource become contaminated with our waste. "inFINITE" contains a pool of water that represents the world's oceans and other vital water supplies. Floating in the middle of the tank is a disposable face mask that is used to reflect not only on general ocean pollution but also on the excess of waste that has been produced due to the pandemic. All of these elements are placed inside the infinity mirror box to show how our actions of disregard will have a lasting impact. Furthermore, the infinity effect is used to show how our individual actions contribute to a larger collection of actions from all people around the globe. When viewers see this work, they will hopefully reflect on the fact that it is never time to waste, and certainly not during a pandemic. We all have a responsibility to treat this planet with care and can start doing so with simple acts such as reflecting on the impact of our own personal waste.