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Attack on planet earth
By Alexandra vela
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2020 - Division III (Grades 9-12)

Our art piece displease environmental elements related to “our earth, our home” Because we have a scary hand grabbing the earth and colors red, orange, yellow, and black, symbolizing pollution global warming and everything nasty in our world. On the side we have a factory worker holding a lady hostage, the factory worker symbolizes all the big companies who have the money and power to make a difference but don’t do anything. The factory worker is holding the lady in a green dress and she symbolizes recycling and everything good for the environment. At the bottom are a group of people who are just watching everything and not doing anything to stop it. This environmental issue is important to me because I feel like there’s so much that goes on in this world and so many people who are “worried” about it but they don’t do anything to help. The artistic elements we use in our art piece was mainly color if our piece wasn’t explained I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t get it but color plays a big part in our piece because each color symbolizes something important. I feel like this will affect people because once they know what it means they will see that there are things that need to be changed and not to just sit around but to do something about it!